Casa Niparaya

Property Description

Named for an all-powerful deity of the original inhabitants of Southernmost Baja California, Casa Niparaya creates an uncommon mold for anyone fortunate enough to take possession of this striking home. Architectural wooden beams, textured concrete walls, over-sized marble slabs melt with just enough natural stone and tile to jolt the visitor back into the reality that they are still, in fact, in Mexico. While impressive are the raw numbers with 5,628 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms spread over a thoughtful palate of indoor/outdoor living, it is truly the design & conception, materials, and unexampled location that leave Casa Niparaya unique and far different from any other home. uses wide open spaces and a sequence of modern features and custom furniture that breeze through to accomplished landscaping and bespoke outdoor lighting that blurs to the community of Querencia

Quick Facts

Single Family Home
6,026 sqft
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